Debonair. Good Looking. A natural leader, supportive and thoughtful. He's a true gentleman and speaks with a hint of the transatlantic accent like an early radio newsman. A clean sense of humor and a strong sense of duty to Space Command and his crew. Never married, he's less of a space cowboy and more of a space boy scout.  

Badass. An ex-military doctor who is as fast to shoot a witty remark as he is quick to draw his phaze blaster. As a man of contradictions…well, two-thirds a man and one-third reptilian alien of who knows what…he is both an asset and a liability to the crew.  He shoots first, heals second, and asks questions later. Think Doctor Leonard McCoy meets arguable war criminal, John Rambo.

Prim and proper. Samantha comes from a long line of famous Earth Scientists. She's beautiful and intelligent, and the apple of Captain David Beranger's eye. Often she finds herself as a damsel in distress in evil lairs across the universe.

Kind, prude, and the best starship engineer this side of the galactic gender divide.

The Empathic Shaman. Part Psychic, but not the useful part.Wise and insightful, but often that knowledge comes off as cold. Dasha’s special powers include: light telekinesis, mystic kung-fu, talking to ghosts, quoting relevant poetry, involuntary thought-reading, and occasional levitation. Think Manic Pixie Dream Girl meets Carrie.

A teenage boy going through the throes of puberty in space. He's a mathematical savant, and by far the smartest member of the crew, but is in a constant battle with his raging hormones. He often falls in love on the away missions, or has a temper tantrum, or worse. He means well, but he always messes something up because he’s got a weird boner.

Multi-Functional Compact Robot with a Thick Cockney English Accent. He's a re-purposed robot who grew up on the tough streets of New Manchester where he learned his scrappy ways. He’s got an assortment of little knives and tools and will “kut a bloke!” without much provocation. Chumbaroomba,  called "Chombers" by the crew, listens to loud Reggae and Hip Hop Music that plays from speakers in his body and is respected as a sentient individual even though he's made primarily of old vacuum parts and vintage keyboards. 

The ship. D.O.U.G.  is part sentient ship’s computer, part voice-activated jukebox. He often misinterprets crew commands as song requests. He is eager to befriend other spacecraft, which can lead to awkward situations when defending and evading enemy encounters. Safety protocols include a light-jazz yellow alert and a full techno red alert.

And now, the Baddies!

Our Faithfull Crew Squares off against many a galactic foe, none more deadly than the Giant Beetle Beasts! The plague of the Galaxy. Hideous Beetle Creatures who devour all they come across!  Other antagonists include the Mole Men of Mari, Overtly Observant Cat People, Autocratic Robots, Sentient Space Plants with Father Issues, Heartbroken Sasquatches, Handsy Space Squid,  Susan from Accounting, and Johnny Starr - Intergalactic Space Pirate, Amateur Time Traveler and Sworn Nemesis of Captain David Berenger.





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